Super Guild War Returns - Glory is Yours!

Conquer 2013 The 10th Super Guild War

The very last month of 2013 has already begun. With the expectation of the 10th Super Guild War growing bigger, it's time for you to etch your name into the history! Dear Conquerors, are you up for it?

Duration: Dec.7th, 2013 - Jan. 4th, 2014

The Super Guild War consists of five guild wars, one for each week. Each time a guild wins a Guild War, the guild leader will gain a Lord Token. The leader will be awarded a variety of special prizes and CPs from Guild Chief (Twin City, 424 323) depending on how many Lord Tokens he receives!

1 Lord Token = A bronze prize and 3000 CPs
2 Lord Tokens = A silver prize and 6000 CPs
3 Lord Tokens = A gold prize and 20000 CPs

The bronze, silver, and gold prizes are also talismans that you can equip (untradeable).

1. Make sure the leader of the guild dominated the guild map claims the Lord Token and CPs during 01:30 Monday (after the server maintenance) and 23:59 Thursday, otherwise, they will not be able to do so.
2. If you pass the leadership before claiming the reward, then only the new leader will be able to claim it.
3. All Lord Tokens will be cleaned before next Super Guild War begins. So please do exchange them for prizes in time.

To be unique, the Gold Prize will be taken back automatically before the new Guild War Contest begins. But there is no worry about the honor gained already, the previous owner will get a Gold Trophy for substitute. The Gold Trophy will be permanently stayed. You can find some words carved on it: Collecting twelve Gold Trophies will receive a super item - Gold Cup! What is it for? It will be a secret for a long time...

A bronze prize: +HP 900, +MP 900

Guild War

A silver prize: +HP 1200, +MP 1200

Guild War

A gold prize: +HP 1500, +MP 1500, +Physical Attack 1000, +Magic Attack 1000, +Physical Defense 1000

Guild War

The 10th Super Guild War

Round US Server Time EU Server Time
1 Dec 7th 12:00-15:00 Dec 7th 20:00-23:00
2 Dec 14th 12:00-15:00 Dec 14th 20:00-23:00
3 Dec 21st 12:00-15:00 Dec 21st 20:00-23:00
4 Dec 28th 12:00-15:00 Dec 28th 20:00-23:00
5 Jan 4th 12:00-15:00 Jan 4th 20:00-23:00