Double Exp & Heaven's Blessing

Nov.13th-19th & Nov.20th-26th

Double Exp & Heaven's BlessingNov.13th-19th & Nov.20th-26th

Cash Rain Nov.16th & Nov.23rd

Fortnight Crazy Sale Nov.13th-19th & Nov.20th-26th



Double Exp & Heaven's Blessing

Players on the recently merged servers will receive 7 days of Double Experience and Heaven's Blessing 7 days after the merge.

Nov.13th-19th Legends/Reminiscence
Nov.20th-26th Libra/ Capricorn/Fury/Ryee
How to get Double EXP?

Talk with Guru Todd (Twin City, 441,377), and he will give you one hour of Double Exp time for free! You can get more free Double Exp time as often as you like during this event, just by talking to him every hour!