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Play Conquer Online with Your Facebook Account!

Date: Aug 11 2010 18:30:09 Source: Official Views: Share

Definitely this is a great step we've taken! The TQ team is proud to announce that from now on, all Facebook users will be able to log into Conquer Online with their Facebook accounts, directly from their own Facebook pages! No matter if you are a veteran player or new to our game, you and your friends and friends' friends are welcome to join this ever growing community and explore this immense world of wonder together!

What you need:

  1. A Facebook account
  2. An installed Conquer Online Client

Here is how it works:

1. First, please "Like" us on Conquer Online Facebook Page. Then click the "Conquer Online" tab on the top panel. Click "Play Now" to install the application, or you can go to the Conquer Online Facebook Application Page, then click on "Go to Application" to install the application. (Note: this App might be not available for some non-IE based browsers, such as Firefox. We are still running tests to improve compatibility. If you have any problem installing the application, please post it to our Facebook Page.)

2. The system will direct you to the Permission Page, on which some basic requests are listed. Click "Allow" to proceed to the next step.

3. And then you'll be led to the Binding Page.

- If you are new to our game, please click on "Play Conquer Online", and the system will automatically recognize your Facebook account as a Conquer Online login account, in the future. You will be led to the character creation screen, after you enter the game and choose a specific server.
- If you have already registered a Conquer Online account, please fill in the boxes and click "Bind" to bind your Facebook account with your CO account.

4. Congratulations! Now you can start your heroic journey in Conquer Online!

5. For users who have already installed the application, you can find the Conquer Online application in your personal Facebook Account - Application Settings - Recently Used Application list.

Easy and fast!
So, come on, guys! It's time to invite your friends to conquer the land! Let's make this game greater then ever!

Don't forget the hot Facebook "Like" Event is still on going right now. It will be running until Aug. 31st. During the session, every time we gain 10,000 more Facebook likes, we'll choose 100 lucky players and given them each 27 CPs as rewards! When it comes to a close, the top 2 players who introduce the most new fans will each receive 2 super cool Ninja T-shirts (Limited Edition) as a gift!

What our next goal is? 100,000 Likes!!! When we finally achieve it, there will be even better secret gifts for you!