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[Tips] Why a Sword Is Better Than a Blade
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There has been much debate over swords and club combo or the blade and club combo. Blade are more versatile and can be switched to the first weapon and club second. However, with blades leveling can be slightly slower. Now let's get to the point why swords are a better choice.

Mainly a sword gives the most advantage to Pkers and Reborn players. Why? Because when your reborn you want to put as much attributes into vitality and as little strength as possible if you're a warrior or Trojan. After 110 promotions you may decide to re-allot your attribute to have the maximum amount of health points. But in doing, so you leave close to none in agility. Agility for melee characters means you're hitting accuracy, refining weapons to plus  1,2,3 etc. gives agility bonus which is the same as accuracy +1,+2 etc. With little agility it will be slower to level and harder to Pk (Player Kill) if you miss often.

With a club and sword you have two skills capable of activating. With fixed rage (club skill) (45% activation rate) and even level 0 phoenix (sword skill) (33% activation rate) you can have 78% of your hits to be a guaranteed hit and increased damage. Of course as phoenix levels you gain 5% more activation rate per level decreasing your chances of missing with low agility. Swords are generally cheaper then blades anyway due to the fact that people value them less for having lower attack. But in reality when you equip a weapon to your second slot (Trojans only) the attributes of that weapon are reduced by 50% for example if a sword has 500-1000 attack you only receive an increase of 250 on your minimum attack and 500 on your maximum attack ( excluding any gems and pluses of the weapon)

This thus, reduces the gap in attack difference between blades and swords. A blade may have 1000 more attack then a sword but you only receive 500 more in reality. Another of bonus of the sword is its ability to cyclone effectively and efficiently when accompanied by a club. Most people but not all have realized that when in cyclone rapidly clicking on the target you are attacking increases your attack rate while in cyclone. While using a blade and club all of your hits may not connect resulting in less experience gained and fewer monsters killed. This in turn results in fewer monsters killed during a cyclone.

The more monsters you kill quickly the faster you can gain the xp skill cyclone and the faster you can level up. While your pking you may be fighting an opponent with a high amount of dodge or you must make a hit or else you will die. I am not saying that a blade is inaccurate it all depends on how much of your attributes you put into agility. But with a sword it would be easier to connect a hit and with skills such as phoenix or rage your opponents dodge hardly matters. While using the secondary skill of blades and swords (Fast Blade and Scent Sword) many say they feel that Scent sword is faster traveling. This is not true; this is a result of the animation of fast blade creating slightly more lag then the animation of scent sword. Animation of a wave of flowing energy is slightly more than the animation of a line of swords followed by flowers. All this means that depending on the player's computer it may be slightly easier to pk with a sword using Scent Sword then a blade.

There are those that say blades are better and they look cooler. They may be right and they may be wrong. The factors involved with a person being able to utilize the maximum ability of a blade or sword depends on if their character is reborn, their computer performance, and the players themselves. For non reborn a blade can be a good weapon of choice alongside the club but with reborn it all depends on how the player distributes their attributes. Some may favor a blade for the use of the poison blade (psn). Higher up players may use a poison thunder to hit their targets from a distance (must learn thunder and have poison blade as first weapon for this to work).  However many players see this as lack of skill and often disrespect them if they're enemies. But it can be a fun way to utilize a poison blade.

It's up to you to balance the pros and cons of the blade and sword and make your choice on which you decide also, how much money you can spend is a factor lol....   

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