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Skill - Warrior for iPad

Skills Intro
Ninja Warrior Trojan Archer Fire Taoist Water Taoist
Monk Weapon Skill Disguise First Rebirth Second Rebirth Pure Skill

Charging Vortex:

Image Description
Charging Vortex You must be mounted, and have a two-handed weapon equipped. Attack a location within 20 paces, causing 90% damage on all targets within 3 paces.
Costs 30 Stamina

Defensive Stance:

Image Description
Defensive Stance Must have a shield equipped. Switches you to a defensive stance (you can't jump, run or ride), and grants you 400% P-Def for 4 minutes. Use it again to cancel the effect. Can't be used in the Clan War.

Magic Defender:

Image Description
Magic Defender Must have a shield equipped. Activates a magic shield that surrounds you for 22 seconds. Any teammates inside the shield will be immune to all magic attacks, if the caster is at least 20 BP over the attacker. Any movement will interrupt the skill. Cooldown: 12 seconds

Magic level Cost Magic exp. Required Effects Char level required
Accuracy Fixed XP Fixed Triple hit 3
Shield Fixed XP Fixed Triple defense 3
Superman Fixed XP Fixed Decuple physical damage; triple damage when PKing 3
Roar Fixed XP Fixed +20 XP to teammates within the same screen 3
Dash Fixed shield's durability Fixed knock back and attack the target 63
Flying Moon 0 XP 50 +480 magic attack 40
Flying Moon 1 XP 100 +1950 magic attack 70
Flying Moon 2 XP Fixed +5890 magic attack 100

For Warrior > Warrior > Warrior: Perseverance

Magic Image Description
With this skill, you can equip a shield and a 2-handed weapon at the same time, but the BP offered by your 2-handed weapon will not be doubled.

Shield Skill

Image Name Magic
Shield Block 0 50 5400 40 10% 30
1 50 12000 50 15% 30
2 50 16500 70 20% 40
3 50 27000 90 25% 50
4 50 Fixed 110 30% 60

Where can I learn the spells above?

(1) Flying Moon

At level, 40 Warriors can go to the Market and Purchase Flying Moon from the Pharmacist, Flying moon cost`s 100,000 Silver.

(2) All Other Warrior Specific Skills

Find the Warrior God in the Job Center, if you meet the requirements for each skill, the Warrior God will teach them to you.

How can I use the XP skills?

To use XP skills, you should wait until the XP circle has filled with gold color. When the XP circle has filled with gold color, the XP skill buttons will appear on the lower right corner of the game screen. Click on one of them, and then right click on the target to release it. The XP skill buttons will disappear after 20 seconds or more and reappear when the XP circle has filled with gold color again, so you had better try to make good use of the XP skills before they disappear.