Auto Level System

  • More Privileges

    As long as you credit any Point Card after the Auto-hunting system is launched, you can claim a First-time Credit Gift Pack (Click the "First Credit Gifts" icon at the top middle of the screen to claim your gifts.) and gain the following benefits:

    1. Able to check the quality and bonus level of items on the ground, without having to pick them up.

    2. Will lose no EXP when PKed while auto-hunting.

    First-time Credit Gifts: (You can claim these gifts once.)

    Chi Point Pack (5000) (B) Open to receive 5,000 Chi Points.
    Fancy Meteor Scroll Pack (B) Open it to get 3 Meteor Scrolls (B).
    Big EXP Ball Pack (10) Open to receive 10 EXP Ball (B).
    +3 Maroon Steed Pack Open to receive a +3 Maroon Steed.
    Rolling Cash Pack Open to receive 200,000 Silver and you will get a +3 Stone (B) instead in silver server.
    Delicate Bright Star Pack Open it to get 5 Bright Star Stones.
    Genius Study Pack Open to receive 1,000 Study Points.
    1000 CPs (B) Pack Open to receive 1,000 CPs (B).
    Ivory Robe Pack Open to receive a 15-Day -1% Blessed Ivory Robe (B).
  • VIP Privileges

    1. All Level 3+ VIP characters are able to search for monsters by jumping, instead of running, while auto hunting.

    2. All Level 4+ VIP characters are able to pick up loot while auto-hunting(Coming soon).

  • Basic

    Every player can use the auto hunting system to gain EXP while you are at work or busy with other things.

    How to use Auto-hunt?

    1. Go to a monster filled area where you like to hunt.

    2. Click the "Auto" icon in the top-right corner of your screen to open the Auto-hunting window.

    3. Customize your preferences, like when to use potions, whether to use skills during auto-hunting, etc. After that, click "Begin" to start hunting nearby monsters.

    4. The EXP gained during auto-hunting will be added to your character when the auto-hunting is stopped.

    5. If your character gets PKed while auto-hunting, the killer will be listed on your Enemy list. If you have the Heaven's Blessing, your character will be able to revive where they died and continue hunting.