Assassin's Secret: The Oriental Assassin

About The Oriental Assassin

The Oriental Assassin is one of the most powerful long-range classes in CO. With deadly aim and powerful AoE skills, they will become a horrifying force in PvP, including group combats like Guild War,Capture the Flag, ect.

  • Kinetic Spark

    Exclusive for Oriental Assassins. By focusing chi energy into their hands, the assassin has chance to fragment upon impact and cause extra damage on nearby enemies. The damage effect is reduced by 20%, each additional target. Click again to deactivate.

  • Dagger Storm

    Exclusive for Oriental Assassins. Calls upon fellow assassins to bring down a rain of daggers and inflict great damage on all targets within its attack range. Last for 4 seconds. Cooldown: 20 seconds.

  • Mortal Wound

    Exclusive for Oriental Assassins. Quickly throws several knives at the vital areas of a single target, inflicting great damage. Cost: 15 Stamina.

  • Spirit Focus

    Exclusive for Oriental Assassins. Channels your inner spirit for 5 seconds to boost your Attack Power. Cannot move while charging is in progress. Has added effect when used with Mortal Wound. Doesn’t affect the use of Stigma.

  • Blistering Wave

    Exclusive for Oriental Assassins. Uses ancient magic to super-heat your knives and inflict great damage on all targets within its attack range. Cost: 30 Stamina.