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[News] CO Dance Contest Players Survey
Source: Offical Jun 02 2009 18:11:31 Date: Views:

To celebrate the release of the new expansion, "Raiding Clans", the CO team is bringing the 2009 CO Carnival to the community from May to July! One of the major events for the carnival is the CO Dance Contest, in which players can simulate the dance moves that appear in CO and broadcast the clips in the CO YouTube Group.

The event was started on May 18th, however, the CO team has found that few players have responded to this contest. Therefore, we would like collect the community's opinions on this event. According to the feedback, we will execute the necessary improvements. Many thanks for your cooperation!


1. Do you like the CO Dance Contest event?

2. What would hold you back from participating in the contest? (Multiple choices accepted)

3. If you have any constructive suggestions about the Co Dance Contest, please leave them below.



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