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[News] Poll for CO Portal
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We found it more and more CO players are interested in meeting friends who are also playing games and living in the same city´╝îeven in the same country. Therefore, this questionnaire is aimed to help us to find out if there is a need to build a portal for our loyal players who can not only enjoy the online games, but also have fun with offline activities, such as meeting friends in a real world.

It will take you 1-2 minutes to finish this survey.

1. Which games do you play?

2. Would you like to make new friends with people playing the same games and living in the same city?

3. Why do you want to know more friends in the same city?

4. Do you think it is necessary to set up a special portal to help people meet and communicate or even date?

5. If there were to be a CO Portal, what features would you like to see?

6. Offline activities can be arranged to help join people together and have fun.

7. What kind of offline activities are you interested in?

8. What additional suggestions do you have to bring players together?



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