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[News] Conquer Family System Poll
Source: Official 01-31-2009 Views:

In 2008, the expansion, The New Dynasty, brought many exciting new features to the world of Conquer Online, such as new items, new quests and the Ninja class. These new additions are undeniably splendid. However, this is only a taste of what's to come! In the coming months, the CO team has prepared more surprises for our players.

Among those in store, one is called the Family System. You and your spouse will be able to unite with several friends as a large family. Family members can share many benefits, like enjoying the exclusive family channel, sharing dropped items and gaining added bonus Battle Power. Also, one family can confront others in the family war in order to occupy maps and loot new rewards.

However the family system will have a great impact on players' Battle Power, and consequently influence the balance of gameplay. In the consideration of players' opinion, CO team would like to hear what our players have to say before the release of this new system.

You can learn more about the Family System here.

Do you support the release of the new Family System?
A. Yes, it sounds sweet.
B. No, it's going to ruin the game.