Regarding Champion Points Pack Issue

Date: 2017-03-10 01:26 Source: Official Views:

Some players reported that they haven't received 3,000 Champion Points or 5,000 Chi Points after they opened the Champion Points Pack. We are sorry for the confusions caused.

Thanks a lot for your report. We've already found out the reason and will fix this issue on Mar. 11th (after the routine server maintenance).

As your maximum total Champion Points cannot exceed 343,700, you will not be able to obtain 3000 Champion Points if your total Champion Points are already 340,701-343,700. You can receive 5000 Chi Points instead of 3000 Champion Points. Before you purchase this Champion Points Pack, you had better check how many total Champion Points you have by clicking "Arena->Store->Arena Store(B)". Each player can purchase this pack for only once.

For those who have opened the Champion Points pack and haven't receive 5000 Chi Points, please report your problems to our GMs. We'll check and send 5000 Chi Points to your in-game mailbox next week.

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