Bound Items Carnival on 3/9-3/22

Date: 2017-03-08 18:33 Source: Official Views:

It's Bound Items Carnival time again. During this carnival, you can take part in many special events including Bound Demon Boxes, Bound Items Sale, Champion Points, Fortune Wheel and Lucky Bet.

Bound Demon Boxes
You can purchase bound Demon Boxes at very favorable prices and open them to obtain awesome CPs(B), moreover, you can have 500 CPs(B) as extra reward for purchasing 5 Heaven Demon Boxes.

Bound Hot Items
This time you can have two kinds of prices to purchase a bound item: price with Golden Shopping Card and price without Gold Shopping price at much more favorable prices.

Champion Points
You can purchase 3000 Champion Points at 459 CPs. Once you purchase a Champion Points Pack, you can claim 500 CPs(B) as extra reward.

Fortune Wheel
Claim a Fortune Wheel for free and use it to draw a surprising gift at 27 CPs. Once you have used your Fortune Wheel for 20 times, you can claim 500 CPs(B) as extra reward.

Lucky Betting
You bet your CPs on the desirable items. The more CPs you bet with, the bigger chance you win the items.

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