Fantabulous Pets Roll In, April 17th!

Date: Apr 16 2014 02:36:42 Source: Official Views:

Have you checked out what these new pets look like? Have you participated in the events on Facebook? If not, it's time for you to hurry up and win some prizes before the Pet a Pet event kicks off on April 17th!

Starting April 17th until April 30th, the Pet Master Petty will show up in Twin City (310,246), offering the guild leaders above Level 130 of 2nd Rebirth several pet eggs, including the Panda egg, Crane Princess egg, and Love Fox egg. Guild leaders can put them at the Lava Mountain to hatch them, and feed the Spice or other food to them!

Note: Lava Mountain is a place where all PK actions are allowed, if you don't wanna hurt your alliances, select Team or Guild mode.

Fantabulous, isn't it?

For details about the Pet a Pet event, please head to the homepage for our adorable pets, here. You can also check out how you can summon them in game, exclusively here.

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