Ninja's Concept Epic Weapon Revealed

Date: Apr 15 2014 04:35:55 Source: Official Views:

With the Wrath of the Trojan comes the very first Epic Weapon in "Cross Saber". Since the expansion "Wrath of the Trojan", the CO team announced the decision to bring Epic Weapons for the Ninjas, and now is the time for us to take a sneak peek at what the new Epic Weapon, Blood Reaper, for the Ninjas may look like!

Here's the exclusive concept picture of the Ninja's Epic Weapon, Blood Reaper. They're not finalized, nor will they be put into the game with this design, so hold your review for the new Epic Weapon until its release in-game.

New Epic Weapon: Blood Reaper

Stunning, aren't they?

For now, we don't have detailed information about the skills, and Epic Quests. Please stay tuned for details about the Ninja's Resurgence, exclusively here!

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