4 Consecutive Wins for “Star~War” in 1KK CPs Guild War

Date: Apr 15 2014 04:16:03 Source: Official Views:

With the final round of the 1KK CPs Guild War drawing to a close, the result shows that the guild "Star~War" took control of the entire contest, and is going to bring home a total of 1,000,000 CPs with 4 consecutive wins!

Congratulations to the guild "Star~War" and the guild leader "aL~3TaR" on winning yet another 1KK CPs Guild War! Besides, the guild "Star~War" makes history as it becomes the very first guild to ever win 4 consecutive contests in the 1KK CPs Guild War!

With this special Guild War wrapped up, we'd like to express our gratitude for your continued support and enthusiasm. However, there won't be a 1KK CPs Guild War for the very next new server, please stay tuned for more events in the months to come!

Guild War Dates

Bonus for Winning Guild

Winning Guild

March 22nd

50,000 CPs


March 29th

100,000 CPs


April 5th

200,000 CPs


April 12th

650,000 CPs



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