April Events Preview: Pet a Pet, Easter Day Events & More!

Date: Apr 02 2014 03:32:20 Source: Official Views:

April Fool's Day has just come and gone, and the event on April 1st is just one of many events to come in April. The CO team has prepared several new online & offline events for all CO fans to enjoy, and would like all of you to take a look what April has in stock for you, here!

Online Events

Conquer's April Fool's Day (4/1): On April 1st, a big surprise is waiting for every young CO fan to explore right in Twin City.

Pet a Pet (4/17 - 4/30): Ever think of having a pet right behind you, when you are going on a hunt in the wild? Not a dream anymore! Each guild member will be able to receive a special pet through feeding pet eggs for guilds, and top feeders for the Voltaic Warg during the Pet Adoption event will have a chance to win a unique, permanent Voltaic Warg!

Easter Day Events (4/18 - 4/24):Enjoy Easter Day with 6 fun events, including Crazy Cracking, Easter Egg Delivery, Dear Rabbits, Super Transformation, Hunt for Pirates, The Golden House, and The Island in Bloom, and win the Meteor Scrolls, a 30-day Garment(B), a 7-day Mount Armor(B) or even Dragon Balls!


Offline Events

Lucky Loyal Token (4/21 - 4/27): Have you gotten enough Loyal Tokens in your possession? During the event, all Loyal Tokens you have can be used to swap for hottest prizes ever, and you'll also get a chance to win an iPhone 5s (Gold)!

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