Supreme Guild Summit Debuts, March 28th!

Date: Mar 28 2014 00:30:31 Source: Official Views:

Less than an hour to go before the marquee event, the Supreme Guild Summit, hits CO! The CO team would like to announce that the complete guide for the Supreme Guild Summit is now available! All NPCs for the Supreme Guild Summit will appear in Twin City at 0:00 AM (PDT), and all guild members from Level 9 guilds can talk to the Guild Summit Envoy in Twin City (237,229) to learn more!

In addition, if you haven't watched the guide video posted earlier today, you can still watch it below when the event comes online.

We would like to remind all guild leaders to read over the entire event, as a complete understanding will be critical for your guild to have a chance in this event!

Good luck to all of you!

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