Flower Collection for Finding Ms. Conquer Begins Feb. 24th

Date: Feb 19 2014 01:06:00 Source: Official Views:

As a PvP-oriented MMORPG title, Conquer Online attracts more male PvP-minded players. However, with photos of our female players continuing to pour in, it really surprises us that there are so many beautiful ladies present in-game!

If you haven't submitted a photo of yourself with something related to Conquer, you'd better hurry up to do so here before the February 23rd deadline. After that, the competition is actually about to begin as the voting for each candidate will commence on Feb. 24th!

Starting Feb. 24th until Feb. 28th, the voting will be ongoing on the event page for all of you to decide the Top 3 of each server! As the competition goes on, all of you will need to send flowers to the special NPCs, which will be deployed in Twin City to represent the Top 3 of each server, starting Mar. 1st!

If you want the Ms. Conquer to be the one from your server, stock up as many flowers as you can to stick up for her NOW!

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