Fatal Cross Server Opens on Feb. 20th As 1KK GW Counts Down Again!

Date: Feb 17 2014 07:19:31 Source: Official Views:

As the 1KK CPS Guild War of the Hercules server rang the curtain down last Saturday, let's congratulate Jus唦For~Fun and |Esc鈖鑭, the members of which will take the total share of 1,000,000 CPs. It's worth noting that the guild Jus唦For~Fun will take home 650,000 CPs, part of which will be delivered to the original server, and the rest will remain on the Hercules server. Not only the Guild War has made the Hercules server full of alluring rewards, but becomes the most active server ever!

If you missed out on the opportunity to earn those CPs last month, now is the time for you to reserve the gift pack of the Fatal Cross server here as the 1KK CPs Guild War will kick off on Feb. 22nd! As always, the winning guild can choose whether or not to have the reward sent to any given server or kept on the Fatal Cross server.

As of Feb. 16th, the reservations for the Fatal Cross server have received more than 3,000 signups for the Privilege Packs and Guild Privilege Packs. More importantly, the schedule for each Special Guild War has been made, and will you be the one to lay your hands on those coveted prizes?

Guild War Dates

Bonus for Winning Guild

Feb. 22nd

50,000 CPs

Mar. 1st

100,000 CPs

Mar. 8th

200,000 CPs

Mar. 15th

650,000 CPs

Sign up for a spot in the Fatal Cross server, and strive for the biggest rewards in the Special Guild War!

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