Notice: Extra Info for Newly Introduced Skill Souls

Date: Feb 15 2014 00:26:52 Source: Official Views:

As the newly designed Skill Souls, which are based on the artworks of multiple players, becomes available, there's going to be a slight addition to the descriptions for these Skill Souls after the Patch 5867 in the temporary maintenance set to take place on Feb. 15th.

Now, let's take a look at what you should know about the new Skill Souls.

  • The designer information will be added to the descriptions of these Skill Souls
  • The newly introduced Skill Souls can be used when you unlock all 9 stages in Jiang Hu, no specific score required.
  • The prices for these Skill Souls are 50% off of the original prices, from Feb. 13th - Feb. 20th.


Don't hesitate to purchase the dazzling Skill Souls from the Shopping Mall, before the special discount ends! You can check out all new Skill Souls, here!

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