Skill Souls Newly Designed by Players 50% Off for Valentine's Day!

Date: Feb 13 2014 04:09:08 Source: Official Views:

Happy Valentine's Day, CO!

Maybe you have already noticed that a bunch of newly designed Skill Souls have been put on sale in the Shopping Mall, but their names might not tickle your fancy. Several months ago, we made a promise that players can design the Skill Souls they want, and now it's time for us to deliver!

All newly designed Skill Souls are based on the artwork of our talented players and the CO Design team, and we're so glad that these Skill Souls are now available for sale, right before Valentine's Day!

Starting today through Feb. 20th, all new Skill Souls will be sold at 4,300 CPs, which is 50% off of their original price, in order to celebrate Valentine's Day! And of course, to thank you for the support from our beloved players!

Note: All the Skill Souls are not allowed in trades.

Let's check out their crafty designs!

Skill: Fire
Skill Soul: Chasing Fire
Designed by: MagicKnight from Eagle

Skill: Charging Vortex
Skill Soul:Dragon Flame
Designed by: ManOfSteel from Rebirth

Skill: Scent Sword
Skill Soul: Echo Sword
Designed by: Rushed from Eternity

Skill: Radiant palm
Skill Soul: Blazing Roar
Designed by: Defusion from Storm

Skill: Hercules
Skill Soul: Burning Fever
Designed by: nachos? from Storm

Skill: Tornado
Skill Soul: Fatal Vortex
Designed by: Arisa from Rebirth

Skill: Radiant Palm
Skill Soul: Iron Fist
Designed by: ~*~PureHeart~*~ from Lion

Skill: Whirlwind Kick
Skill Soul: Nature Flash
Designed by: YunYun from Mausoleum

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