Epic Weapon & New Skill “Fatal Cross” for Trojan Revealed!

Date: Feb 14 2014 04:19:34 Source: Official Views:

Since the concept of Epic Weapons was brought to light, a majority of players showed great interest in this! However, there was no detailed information about it. Not anymore! Today, we're revealing the final design for the Epic Weapon for the Trojan!

Besides, you might wonder that what this “Fatal Cross” has to do with the Battle Arts group we opened, and the answer is that it is a new skill for the Trojan!

As the “Wrath of the Trojan” makes steady progress and is set to launch in March, the first skill name for the Trojan in “Epic Weapons” has been given! Fatal Cross, which bears resemblance to the Blade Tempest skill, gives the attacker the ability to throw your weapon and attack targets on both sides of a straight line. Once the damage is dealt, the weapon will return to the attacker!

In real life, this sounds more like a boomerang. However, moving in a straight line, the damage will be concentrated on the area where it passes. Sounds exciting, right? It is! Also, there's not just only one new skill coming your way, and one of the new skills will help regenerate Stamina faster than ever for the Trojan, to give players the best experience ever!

You can check out more details and tips for Trojans here, and stay tuned for more info about Epic Weapons! In addition, the next class that will be able to go on a quest for Epic Weapons is Ninja!

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