Winners for 1st Week's CS City Challenge Revealed!

Date: Jan 25 2014 23:03:44 Source: Official Views:


Since the inception of the Cross-server City Challenge, interaction grows tighter and stronger! Have you tried to take down enemies from other worlds? If not, you'd better sign yourself up for it at the City Challenge Guide in Twin City (222, 244) now!

Now, we're honored to announce the winners for the 1st week's Cross-server City Challenge, and they'll receive the reward as promised!

Note: the reward will be delivered to the winners within the next 3 - 5 business days.

Honored Title

Character Name





Most Kills (Weekly)






3,528 Kills

Super Skill Soul Book, Fighter Armor (7-day, +400 Defense, +2% M-Def)

Bravest Player (Weekly)



899 Trips
858 Killed

Permanent Stone x5

Congratulations to 澾栳s啙 and ShYnE on winning the first week's reward for the CS City Challenge, and do you not want to try? Join us in the battlefield, now!


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