CS City Challenge

Duration: Starting Jan. 16th


  1. Every day, each Level 100+ player can talk to the City Challenge Guide in Twin City (222, 244), to enter the special zone where fights abound.
  2. Each player will be granted 10 free trips to the special Zone, in which you can challenge fighters from all servers, and fight for the rewards. You'll be charged a Meteor or 1 CP for a trip to the zone once 3 free trips are used.
  3. In the special zone, there'll be an aide, City Challenge Keeper (311, 278), to assist you when you feel liking leaving for your own server. The City Challenge Guide doesn't sell potions, so prepare as many potions as you can before coming to the Zone.
  4. Players who complete 10 free trips to the Zone will be rewarded with 60 minutes of EXP. What's more, the Bravest Player (Weekly), and Most Kills (Weekly) will be announced every Thursday, as well as the Bravest Player (Monthly), and Most Kills (Monthly) at the end of each month!

Note: All potions, except for ones bought from the Shopping Mall, will not be usable in the CS City Challenge area. There'll be potions falling on the ground, periodically.


Honored Title Reward
Bravest Player (Weekly) Permanent Stone x5
Bravest Player (Monthly) Big Permanent Stone, 3,000 CPs
Most Kills (Weekly) Super Skill Soul Book, Fighter Armor (7-day, +400 Defense, +2% M-Def)
Most Kills (Monthly) Wedding Emcee Invitation, Holy Armor (30-day, +800 Defense, +4% M-Def), 3,000 CPs
  • Weekly Credit Rebate and Prizes
  • Banquet of CPs(B)
  • Golden Finger
  • Kingdomwar
  • August
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