Xmas Credit Quartet & A Merry CO Xmas Continue!

Date: Dec 26 2013 00:49:22 Source: Official Views:

Merry Christmas!

How did you celebrate Christmas Day with your family? Having dinner together, and watching favorite TV shows on the couch? That ain't the best part, yet! During this holiday season, we have presented to all the fans the best events in the Xmas Credit Quartet, and A Merry CO Xmas, which comprises a dozen wondrous quests. And these events will continue as holiday goes on!

From today through Jan. 3rd, all players still can join us in A Merry CO Xmas, any quest of which is easy and fun to play. Besides, the 2nd-Reborn players have a chance to coolly claim unbound prizes from Celebration Packs, including Super Gem, +2 Stone, Praying Stone(L), and more!

Finished all quests for today? Then, it's still not too late for you to luck out for some bewitching rewards, especially some Apple products in iPhone 5s, iPad Air, and iPad Mini! The Christmas Credit Quartet is on its final 5-day tour and will wrap up by Dec. 29th, just one purchase will probably land you the biggest surprise of the year! Join up now!

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