Patch 5827: New Server, Special Rebate, Christmas Crunch & Changes

Date: Dec 18 2013 02:28:46 Source: Official Views:

We are glad to announce that Patch 5827 (Mac - 1278) will be released, following the routine maintenance on December 19th, 2013.

Note: You must be sure that the client is completely closed before patching, otherwise the patch may not be installed correctly and you won’t be able to login the game.

Highlights of Patch 5827 (Mac - 1278)

New Server - Scent Sword
A new server, Scent Sword, will become another world where fights are plentiful and socialites abound! Don't forget to claim the Privilege Packs you may have earned, here!

Christmas Crunch
From Dec. 19th - 26th, all players who did not claim Returner Packs earlier this month will receive an Xmas Pack, from which you will obtain precious items on a daily basis, maybe even a $5,000 Travel Fund Pack or CPs!

Chi Point Rebate
From Dec. 20th - 26th, a special rebate will be available for all players who consume Chi Points! Don't hesitate to use up all your Chi Points for better results, as rebates are going as high as 150,000 Chi Points!

In-Game Changes

  • Starting today until January, all players in botjail will be given an extra chance to get out and start a new life, again.
  • The misleading notice from the Mail Manager (Twin City 427,243) will be corrected.
  • The system message for Horse Racing will be corrected.
  • New Server Reservation
  • Answer the Quiz of Kingdom War & Unlock Wonderful Rewards
  • Treasure Chest Hunting
  • Ultimate Fighter
  • september
  • Kingdomwar
  • conquer3.0