Make a Guess: Wrath of the Trojan & Epic Weapons

Date: Dec 18 2013 02:22:28 Source: Official Views:

Since you all were introduced to the new expansion, Wrath of the Trojan, many of you might begin to wonder what kind of changes the Trojan will receive? Well, that's still anybody's guess! However, each expansion for a class comes with new skills and new weapons, and this time is no exception!

Epic Weapons isn't just designed for Trojans, as each class will have their own. For that, there'll be a quest exclusively designed for Epic Weapons. The quest demands items of different types, ranging from Tulips, Steeds, +Stones to Penitence Amulets, even Dragon Balls. In addition to collecting items, an obscure monster will stand between you and the weapon you desire! Sounds fun, right?

Today, we'd like to invite you to play a little guessing game, in which you can show us your greatest imagination about what changes might be done to Trojans, and what these "Epic Weapons" may look like. We'll pick the winners from the submissions received, and reward them with special prizes in the upcoming expansion!

How to Submit Your Idea

  1. Login to the Customer Service Center and click Submit a Ticket.
  2. Choose "Others" to submit a "Problem", which isn't really a problem.
  3. On the "Other Game Issues" page, select your subject as "My issue is about something else", and fill in your Character Name.
  4. In "Problem Description", write down your guesses about the Epic Weapons. Also, please be sure to attach a picture, even if it's a sketch, to the ticket. If the size of your picture exceeds 600KB, please put a link to the picture in the description.
  5. Once you’re done, click "Submit" to finish.

Note: Your ticket will not receive any replies. The winners will be announced on the official homepage, right before the expansion hits.

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