Discount for Xmas Super Sales Marks Start of Compensation

Date: Dec 03 2013 00:42:35 Source: Official Views:


Despite the non-stop DDoS attack on the servers, the goodies of Xmas Super Sales are already available for purchases to all fans out there. Given the circumstances that the majority of the servers are unstable at times, we'd like to put more discounts on the already announced Xmas Super Sales, as one of the compensation events in the days to come.

Starting Dec. 7th till the end of the Sales, 40 CPs discount will be applied to all garments, and all equipment will be sold at a price that is 100 CPs less than the original price. Besides, all Mount Armors will see a 300 CPs drop in the prices. Not just that, +3 Stone Pack will be sold at 100 CPs instead of 108 CPs, and there'll be as high as a 33% off discount for all other packs, including +6 Stone Packs, +8 Stone Packs, Tough Drill Packs, Big Permanent Stone Packs, Dragon Ball Scroll Packs, and Super Tortoise Gem Packs!

Don't miss out on this rare opportunity to get your hands on the rare items! For more details, please check out the event page!

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