Important Notice - Regarding Elite Cross-server Team PK

Date: Dec 03 2013 21:20:10 Source: Official Views:

Attention, participants!

With the signups for the Elite Cross-server Team PK coming to an end, the CO team would like to remind you that character stats will be based on the data from Dec. 7th (PST). That being said, you should ensure that all of the equipment you wish to use is on your character, as well as verifying the time left on all Dragon Souls, Refineries, Mount Armor, and Garments. Stabilizing all important items is recommended, to avoid miscalculations.

More importantly, we'd like you to keep in mind that Nobility (Donation) & Chi Rankings will NOT add extra Battle Power or bonus attributes during the Cross-server Team PK. (Note: The attributes of each of your Chi gates will be still effective during the Cross-server Team PK.)

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