Signups for Elite Cross-server Team PK are Heating Up!

Date: Nov 22 2013 03:47:06 Source: Official Views:

With the Cross-server Team PK entering the signup period on Nov. 21st, the Elite Cross-server Team PK Envoy has set himself up in Twin City. From Nov. 21st - Dec. 5th, heroes can talk to the envoy and signup for the battle by paying the 500 CP deposit, which will be returned 3 days after the contest on Dec. 21st. In return, each participant will receive 5 Entry Tokens, which the participants should distribute to their team of fighters.

Note: Your Nobility & Chi Rankings will NOT be effective during the Cross-server Team PK. In order to get your deposit back, you'll need to possess the Entry Token after the contest.

Unlike the Cross-server Capture the Flag contest held last month, you can gather your most loyal comrades to fight for glory and prizes, which include Qualification for the Hall of Fame (Coming to CO in the future), a 30-day P-Strike 2%, M-Strike 2%, Immunity 2%, -1 Winged Frostcat Armor, piles of CPs, and much more!

Don't wait until the signup period is over! Gather your friends now, and start preparing for the biggest Team PK, ever!

  • Weekly Credit Rebate and Prizes
  • Banquet of CPs(B)
  • Golden Finger
  • Kingdomwar
  • August
  • conquer3.0