Notice - Regarding Server Transfer for Columbus

Date: Nov 22 2013 03:25:36 Source: Official Views:

With the weeklong survey about whether the Server Transfer should be available for Columbus wrapped up, we'd like to show the results we collected from the Columbus server. Let's take a look at what players on Columbus would prefer for the future of the server.

There were 189 votes in favor of the Server Transfer for Columbus, while 39 votes were against this idea.

To provide a happier and more active gaming environment for Columbus, we've decided to make the Server Transfer for Columbus available, after the end of the Christmas Shopping Rush. By then, the players of other servers who live in North America can choose to move to Columbus. Let's check out the rules for transferring to Columbus.

  • No matter how high your donation rank in your original server, after your transfer to Columbus, your donation will not exceed the #1 donator on Columbus.
  • The Columbus server will still only allow players from North America to login.
  • The price for transferring to Columbus will be 50% off.


Lastly, we'd like to thank everyone for taking the survey, and your help will always be appreciated!

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