Elite Cross-server Team PK Lights Up Conquer, Nov. 21st!

Date: Nov 14 2013 01:45:11 Source: Official Views:

With the competitive Elite Cross-server Capture the Flag successfully in the books, all of you fierce warriors must be itching to get in the fight! Well, the wait won't be too long! As the very first Elite Cross-server Team PK battle will kick off on Dec. 21st and bring even more PvP excitement to the world of Conquer! Are you ready to put together the ultimate team of fighters and become legends?

The Elite Cross-server Team PK Envoy will make an appearance in Twin City on Nov. 21st, and host the signup from Nov. 21st to Dec. 5th. During the signup period, all heroes can talk to the Envoy and sign up for the battle by paying the 500 CP as the deposit, which will be returned 3 days after the contest. In return, each participant will receive 5 Entry Tokens, which the participants can distribute to their team of fighters.

Note: Your Nobility & Chi Rankings will NOT be in effect during the Cross-server Team PK.

About Rewards

Note: The rewards (Not including CPs and bets) will be given based on the number of members in the team.





Qualification for Hall of Fame, 30-day P-Strike 2%, M-Strike 2%, Immunity 2%, -1 Winged Frostcat Armor, 10,000 CPs, 5% of the total bets, Free Vouchers for all new Festival Garments in 2014, Super Protection Pill x10, Super Exp Ball


Qualification for Hall of Fame, 5,000 CPs, Free Vouchers for all new Festival Garments in 2014, 1.5% of the total bets, Super Protection Pill x8, Super Exp Ball x5


Qualification for Hall of Fame, Free Vouchers for all new Festival Garments in 2014, 0.6% of the total bets, 2000 CPs, Super Protection Pill x5, Super Exp Ball


1000 CPs, Super Protection Pill x3,Super Exp Ball

Gather your friends and prepare for a knockdown drag-out brawl!

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