World Fighting League Champs Take Over As Mercury Rises High!

Date: Nov 12 2013 04:46:28 Source: Official Views:

As the Elite Cross-server Capture the Flag (US) sits fresh in our memory, our favorite journalist, Zoey, was given an opportunity to have a talk with the leading fighters for the Mercury server. For those who were part of the battle, what was going on left a mark in their minds that won't soon be forgotten! However, for those who weren't on hand for the action, now is the time for these champs to speak up about what went on in the battle. How they coordinated, what contributed to the win, toughest moments, and more!

Now, let's see what they had to say!

Courtesy of Zoey

Zoey: Congratulations! You are the champions of the Elite CS-CTF! We thank you for holding this interview. I'm glad to get a chance to talk to you guys. First off, could you greet the community and introduce yourself and your positions in this event?

Beast: Hello, my name is Rey, and my job was to kill enemies and protect allies.
~*DunDeS*~: I am Ordoney, I shackled enemies and unshackled my allies, also killing enemy archers.
Aqua: Hi, I am Ana~. at Elite CS CTF I was running flags and reviving my guildmates.
□I□. □gi: Hi, I am Talin! At Elite CS CTF, my job was killing everyone and protecting my allies.
□hemo□: Hello, I am Devin. I was protecting my allies
~BlAzInG~DeMoN~: Kenney is my name, pking is my game, and I was shackling enemies and unshackling my guild.
Livid: Hi, I am Jeff. I was one of the 4 killers in our group.


Courtesy of Zoey

Zoey: Before this event, did you encounter any difficulties? How did you work them out?

Beast: Our biggest difficulty was trying to get our enemies to join us, but they refused. So we solved this issue by joining our lower BP Assassins to help take the poles.
~*DunDeS*~: Yes, and about the chat problem, we solved it by using RaidCall to get all the members and talk to each other about which pole we're gonna go after.
□I□. □gi: This time around we used voice chat, so the teamwork was great.
Aqua: Besides that, we had no problem at all. We had everything under control, we knew we were gonna win.

Zoey: As Lion said after the previous CS-CTF, your server posed a great threat to them. Obviously, many other servers are very curious about yours. So what advantages do you think your server has? Are there any legends in your server?

Beast: Our server has 4 of the best PVPers in all of Conquer. Me, Talin, Devin, and Jeff are all great PVPers.
Aqua: Where am I? :(
Beast: We practice with each other, everyday. I am Miss Aqua, Queen of the Waters! And I am the World Fighting League Champion!

Zoey: In the beginning of the match, I saw you enter the map very fast, and occupied the second Flag base for a long time. After that, you lead the whole way. Did you practice that plan before the event started?

~*DunDeS*~: We never left anyone shackled or not rev'ed. We just all worked as a team, so we won easily! And when we found everyone fought #2 (Flag Base), we'd just leave and go to another (Flag Base). So we occupied the base, and if anyone comes, we kill and shackle. And if they take the pole for 1 sec, we kill.
Beast: I agree. I would hope that would be everybody's plan.

Zoey: The runner-up is Phoenix server, and they tried to catch up to you in points at the beginning. Did you employ any plans to build a cushion?

Beast: Phoenix was always behind us, but we slowly increased our lead throughout the CS CTF. If they passed us in points, our plan was to go to their pole and beat them up.
~BlAzInG~DeMoN~: And I am good at beating up people. XD

Zoey: After the Elite CS-CTF, I saw that many people were dancing on the grass.

~BlAzInG~DeMoN~: HAHAHAHAHA, because we were sooo happy we won! Who wouldn't dance? lol.
Beast: It was a bitter-sweet victory, because our enemies refused to help. It is a shame they could not share the glory with us. We did a fantastic job.

Zoey: With the the Elite CS-CTF coming to an end, what is the greatest gain or lesson for you?

Beast: Well, we always believed we are the strongest server.
□I□. □gi: Teamwork and communication are very important.
~BlAzInG~DeMoN~: Always have faith in your leader
Aqua: We do TEAM.
Beast: We all trust each other. We all know what each other can do.

Zoey: We will hold the Elite Cross-server Team PK event, in the future. Have you begun preparations for this event? Will you attend it?

Beast:  Yeah, all of us will attend that event, and we have the best targets.

Zoey: In the end, do you have anyone in particular to thank?

Beast: Yes! We would also like to thank our allies, Dark side, relentless, fight clup, and frozen soldiers. And special thanks to Moe, Ather, Japeth, Jacob, Manny, Magdy and Wyatt the God, you are my great CO friends. And Joyce also helped me a lot. Without your help, we couldn't win this event!

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