Elite Cross-server CTF (US) Begins on Nov. 6th!

Date: Nov 04 2013 04:36:29 Source: Official Views:

The day of battle has been set, and on Nov. 6th 21:00 - 22:00 (PST) these hopeful champions will take the field! Each server has already gotten amped up for the coming conflict, and you can feel the electricity in the very air! As we prepare for the beginning, we would like to remind you that since Pacific Standard Time is now in effect, an extra hour has been added to the clock to accommodate the time change. Please note that the contest will be held from 21:00 - 22:00 (server time), so make sure you show up to the match on time!

As mentioned earlier in October, the winning guild will be crowned champion, and rewarded with CPs and two special garments!



Guild Leader Armor



Holy Armor x2



Warrior Armor x2



Fighter Armor x2


Be ready for the Elite Cross-server CTF, and claim your place in the annals of CO history!

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