November Events Preview: Elite CS-CTF, Shopping Rush & More!

Date: Oct 31 2013 00:23:24 Source: Official Views:

With Daylight Savings coming to an end, winter has officially begun. As Halloween continues its haunting approach, the month of giving thanks is right on its heels! In celebration of Thanksgiving Day, the goodies are coming in bunches, along with newly designed events and battles that will intensify the competition! Now, let's check out what November holds for you and the rest of the community!

Online Events:

Thanksgiving Shopping Rush (11/4 - 11/14): Merchant Pakku (Twin City, 436 386) will carry loads of goodies, including a new Autumn Thanks Pack, an Indian Legend Garment, Demon Boxes, and more!

Elite Cross-server Capture the Flag (11/6): Challengers are all set to challenge the reigning champion, the Lion server, in the first Elite Cross-server Capture the Flag battle! The glory, the crown, and the rewards are waiting for you to lay claim!

Guild War Remix (11/9, 11/16, 11/23, 11/30): Have you dreamt of being in a Guild War, but don’t think you’re cut out for it? Well, don’t just dream, anymore! Guild War Remix will consist of 4 battles, which are different from the regular Guild War, and anyone with a guild can join!

A Royal Thanksgiving (11/10, 11/24): From 12:00 - 12:30 & 20:00 - 20:30 on both Sundays, players will be blessed by the Imperial court with CP Packs, Golden CP Packs, Lottery Ticket Packs, and Golden Lottery Ticket Packs! A true royal thank you, for all of your service to the crown!

Kingdom War Preparation Continues (11/21 - 11/28): The Requisition Officer is still in Twin City (442,383), ready to supply much-needed equipment and items to the brave soldiers preparing for the coming war!

Thanksgiving Special Events (11/23 - 11/28): 8 special Thanksgiving events will set in motion the celebration of Thanksgiving Day, and give up grand Grateful Packs, which contain +1 Stones, Gems, or even Dragon Balls!

Offline Events:

Thanksgiving Weekly Credit Gala (11/4 - 11/30): ANY PLAYER who credits a $7.99 TQ Point Card, $15.99 TQ Point Card, or $29.99 TQ Point Card after 01:00 (server time) on four Mondays will be able to earn special gifts on a weekly basis!

Christmas Coupon Giveaway (11/15 - 11/30): Players will receive points by crediting either a $7.99 TQ Point Card, or a $15.99 TQ Point Card, or a $29.99 TQ Point Card, and are able to use them to get Bound CPs that account for as high as 18% of the amount you credited!

Exclusive Server Reservations (11/18 - 11/28): For the first time in CO, server reservations become a reality! Players who are able to book spots for their characters will be given 1 or 2 packs as a special gift! These packs contain +Stones, Meteor Scrolls, Dragon Balls, and even Exemption Token!

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