Challengers All Set! Elite CS-CTF Ready to Rock the World!

Date: Oct 22 2013 04:31:26 Source: Official Views:

With the deadline already here, we're on a hair-trigger right now! 26 servers are all set to rise up and fight, and write a new chapter for themselves in the history of CO! Yet, the Lion server has been waiting for challengers to try to dethrone them, now is the time to check out who will be in the battle!

Champion: Lion
Challenger: Triumph, Volcano/Glory, Mercury/Saturn, Snowfall, Venus/Mars, SummerWind, Turquoise/Diamond, Emerald/Sapphire/Ruby, Neptune/Pluto/Jupiter, Pharos/TempleArtemis, Gryphon/Cerberus, Legends, WildSwan/FrogPrince/Bluebird/BeautyandBeast, Aquarius/Aries/Leo/Pisces, Libra, Hebby/KingJus/Nanya, Basilisk/Pegasus/Medusa, SnowWhite/Cinderella, Phoenix, Lucky7/Evolution/GardenOfEden/TangDynasty, Freedom, Virgo/Gemini, Kylin/Tiger, Dragon, Cancer/Sagittarius/Taurus.

For the guild leaders, 4,000 CPs will be deducted from the guild leaders as the deposit on Oct. 25th, and will be returned 3 days after the contest. Meanwhile, in order to ensure the stability of network for the cross-server battle, the guild leaders will receive 40 Entry Tokens, which can be distributed to the top fighters in the servers. And the CO team will gather information about the guilds from each server on Oct. 28th, so please make sure that the NEW guild can be set up before Oct. 28th. Then, the Arsenal will be activated on Oct. 29th, every participant could inscribe your own equipment to help upgrade the guilds to Level 9.

The Elite Cross-server Capture the Flag (US) will ring the curtain on Nov. 6th, from 21:00 - 22:00. The strongest server will stand atop amongst all participants in this one-hour battle. Please make sure you'll get on the cross-server on time for the battle.

Note: The rules for the Capture the Flag apply to the Elite Cross-server Capture the Flag (US), all potions players carry in the inventory will NOT be usable, so pay attention to the potions dropped on the ground.

As the servers collide, who'll be left standing at the top? In the battle for glory, who'll have the last laugh? And who'll be the strongest and sweep others and take the crown? Let's wait and see!

For more elaborate information, please stay tuned to the Elite Cross-server Capture the Flag(US)! There'll be some pictures about the contestants (Guild Leader of each servers) of Elite CS-CTF(US), exclusively here! Don't miss out on any bit of the actions, this November!


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