Anniversary Event Guide (5/25 – 6/2)

Date: May 23 2013 22:32:27 Source: Official Views:

Although we are going to enter the last week of May, the CO 10th Anniversary Celebration is still in full swing. There are still many events on the go, as well as piles of gifts waiting for you to grab! If you missed the first half of our party, then you’d better seize the time as most of the anniversary events will end on May 31st.

Online Events:
Super Guild War: The fourth round of 8th Super Guild War will be held this Saturday! Be prepared to fight for the honor of your guild!

World Fighting League (5/16 – 6/12): From May 16th 00:00 – June 12th 24:00, players can earn WFL Points from in-game PvP events, to swap for special items and CPs! The top player who earns the most points throughout the contest will be invited to China for an amazing trip, and the chance to fight Chinese CO’s champions!

10th Anniversary Shopping Rush (5/2 – 5/31): You can buy all kinds of items at unbelievable low prices from Dealer Who (Twin City 449, 370) and Merchant Pukku (Twin City 456, 324). There are stunning Garments and Mount Armors, along with incredible gear and rare items! You can also buy +Stones with special rebates, or buy 10 Demon Boxes to get one for free!

Anniversary Chest (5/16 – 5/25): You have the chance to find a Level 1-7 Anniversary Chest and Level 1-5 Keys from fallen monsters. You can find better items from the Anniversary Chest than the magic Passion Boxes!

Daily Bonus (5/15 – 5/31): You can get a 10th Anniversary Pack from the Official Courier every day you login to the game! Reborn players will receive even better items from the pack!

Anniversary Carnival (5/16 – 5/31): You can complete several fun in-game quests to win Anniversary Joy Packs from which you can receive various nice gifts, such as Lottery Tickets and even Dragonballs!

Hunting Spree (5/16 – 5/31): Every player can collect up to 10 special Gift Packs from defeated monsters, each day. The Joy Pack contains amazing gifts, and reborn players will find even better items, such as Small Lottery Tickets and 50 unbound CPs!

Offline Events:
VIP Rewards: The VIP Rewards event has been extended to May 31st. If you like to get a limited edition Snow Fox mount armor and other nice items and win a free trip to China, seize the day!

Adventure’s Pub (opens on 5/20): You can talk, share with others, and help decide the future of CO! You will be well rewarded for the creative opinions or suggestions you submit!

10th Anniversary Wheel of Fortune (5/16 – 5/31): You can win something nice from the anniversary wheel, including an ipad and iphone 5! You can also upgrade the wheel to have your spin hit bigger prizes!



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