Flags Emblems: Declare Your Heritage With Pride!

Date: Aug 21 2012 02:19:13 Source: Official Views:

As everyone knows, Conquer Online is a global game which has a large base of players from every corner of the world. On the way to conquering this world of heroes, you'll fight with or against many other players from different lands. Now, think about this… Wouldn't it be exciting if you could declare your nation and fight with your compatriots for the honor of where you come from?

With the coming update, this idea will become reality! Together with the fabled “One-Armed Bandits” from afar, these flag emblems will also arrive on Aug. 28th! With this brand new feature, you will be able to select your national flag from your status panel and find more friends from your homeland. Moreover, the TQ team will hold some events based on player locations in the future!

In addition, the method of joining and promoting your Sub-Class will also be improved in this update, which will be available from the Status panel.

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