A Warm Greeting

A Warm Greeting | Blessing Couplets | Fireworks Night
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Duration: Jan. 29th - Feb. 7th

NPC: Money Boy (Twin City 288,360), God of Wealth (Jazzy Maze F5 85,158)

Requirement: 80+ Players


Blissful Success Pack
Open to receive EXP, a special gift, and also a chance of getting an extra reward.

Quest Item:

Hearty Tribute - A rich tribute. Give it to the God of Wealth to show your respect.
Auspicious Jade - Use it in the Jazzy Maze to travel to the upper floor.


  1. During the event, you can talk to the Money Boy in Twin City (288,360) to learn more about A Warm Greeting, and claim the Hearty Tribute to enter the Jazzy Maze.
  2. There are 5 floors to the Jazzy Maze, and each floor has 4 waypoints in the four corners. You can use the waypoints to enter the next floor or the floor below.
  3. When you get to the fifth floor, hand over the tribute to the God of Wealth, and you'll receive a Blissful Success Pack as a reward.
  4. Once entering the Jazzy Maze, you will have a shot at getting an Auspicious Jade, which helps you travel to the upper floor. On the fourth floor of the maze, there are 3 illusions of Guide Yu, one of which will guide you to the fifth floor.

Note: If you want to leave the maze or reclaim the Hearty Tribute, you can talk to the Money Boy in the middle of the maze on each floor.

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