Supreme Guild Battlefield

Duration: 21:30-22:00 from September 27th to November 1st
During the event, heroes can talk with Wasteland Teleporter to Wasteland.
Heroes can get personal points which will be added to the Guild Points. Each week, up to 10000 CPs will be shared based on the total points of the server and the rank of the guild. According to the rank, top 3 guilds can get different percent of CP Pool.
Rank of Guild
CP Reward
55% of CP Pool
30% of CP Pool
15% of CP Pool
There are several ways to get points.
Points Reward
Kill the Armored Demon
Kill a member of other Guild
Revive a member of your Guild
Bury a soldier’s body
Give the last hit to the Flame Phoenix
Attack the Flame Phoenix
The guilder leader of the top guild will receive a Guild Leader Box. Guild members will receive a Hunting Elite Box. Members of other Guilds will receive a Brave Hunting Pack if he gets 50 personal points.
Note: The CP Pool will change with the total points of the server.
Total points of the server
Total CPs in the Pool
5000 CP
7000 CP
10000 CP

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