Passion Box

Duration: August 17th 00:00 – August 30th 23:59 (PDT)

NPC: Merchant Packku in TwinCity(326,249)

Players of all levels can take part in this event.  


From August 17th to 30th, all players will have chance to find Level 1-7 Passion Boxes and Level 1-5 Passion Keys from fallen monsters. You will have a lower chance to find the Passion Box from monsters that are 20 levels lower than you. In addition, players who are above Level 110 and have completed their 2nd rebirth will receive a Level 1 Passion Box each day they log in to the game during the event.

Open the Passion Box to receive a random item. The higher the level of the box, the better the prize inside! Check the detail below.


Possible Prizes

How to Open?

Cost to Upgrade

Level 1 Passion Box

+1 Steed

Use Level 1 Passion Key or Pay 10 CPs

1 CP

EXP Ball (B) x 2

Meteor Scroll x 3

100 Chi Points x 2

+2 Stone and +1 Stone

Level 2 Passion Box

900,000 Silver

Use Level 2 Passion Key or Pay 20 CPs

1 CP

200 Chi Points

Twilight Star Stone(B) x 2

+3 Steed

+3 Stone

Level 3 Passion Box

100 CPs(B)

Use Level 3 Passion Key or Pay 50 CPs

1 CP

3,500,000 Silver

+3 Stone

Bright Star Stone(B) x 2

+4 Stone

Level 4 Passion Box

+3 Steed

Use Level 4 Passion Key or Pay 100 CPs

1 CP

Vital Pill(B) x 2

+3 Stone x 2

Weapon Accessory (Random)

Permanent Stone

Level 5 Passion Box

11,000,000 Silver

Use Level 5 Passion Key or Pay 200 CPs

1 CP

+4 Stone

Bright Star Stone(B) x 2

Garment (Random)

Permanent Stone x 2

Level 6 Passion Box

Small Lottery Ticket x 36

Pay 500 CPs

1 CP

Permanent Stone and Bright Star Stone(B) x 2


Tough Drill

Radiant Star Stone(B) x 3

Level 7 Passion Box

+5 Stone

Pay 1,000 CPs


Permanent Stone x 3

Radiant Star Stone(B) x 3

Big Permanent Stone

+6 Stone x 2

Weapon Accessory (Random): Get a random 2-Handed, 1-Handed, Bow or Shield Weapon Accessory randomly, including Wok, FishPole, TennisRacket, FrozenTuna, etc.
Garment (Random): Get one of the Garments randomly, they are Beggar’sRags, DelightOfSpeed, Doctor’sJacket, DuskRomance, NobodySuit, FairyTale and FeatherDress.

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