Mr. & Ms. Conquer 2017 Guide

Duration: 2.16-3.3 (US Server)

  • Sign up to be Mr. & Miss Conquer 2017

  • From February 16th-21st, all ladies and gentlemen in-game can submit 99 CP or 10,000,000 Silvers to participate the Host Jon or the Hostess Nana (318,249 Twin City) to sign up for the Mr. & Ms. Conquer 2017 event! Every heroes who sign up can get 7 days garment, weapon accessory, 1000 Chi points and Bright Star Stone*1.
  • To complete sign-up, each person needs to upload a photo to the event page. For the Mr. Conquer 2017, all gentlemen have to upload a photo of you. For the Ms. Conquer 2017, all ladies must upload a photo of you, too.
  • Once the photos are uploaded, the CO team will review all of them. When your photo is approved, we'll notify you of the approval. After approval, your photo will be displayed in a corresponding area.
  • If your photo isn't approved, we'll inform you to upload another photo for the event.
  • During review, all photos will NOT be displayed on the event page. Please wait with patience while the review is going on.
  • All photos must be uploaded before Feb. 21st, or you'll be disqualified.
  • Please don’t transfer your server during the event.


Mr. & Ms. Conquer 2017 Schedule

Date Race Introduce
2/16-2/21 Preliminary Race Sign up for the Mr. & Ms. Conquer 2017 event and lead the TOP 3 Mr. Conquer and Ms. Conquer of every server to the Intermediary.
2/22-2/28 Intermediary Race According to the Rank of support points, CO team will eliminate 30 Mr. Conquer and Ms. Conquer who have lowest support points from intermediary race every day. Mr. Conquer and Ms. Conquer who survive can claim survivor reward every day.
3/1-3/3 Final Race The Final 9 Mr. Conquer and Ms. Conquer will fight for the Top 1 Mr. Conquer and Ms. Conquer.

Duration: 2/16-2/21

  • Every player can hand on unbound flower to NPC. The data of flower will be delivered to event page. Heroes can support Mr. Conquer and Ms. Conquer who you like in the event page with your flower. Different flower represent different support point.
Flower Support Point
1 Red Rose/Lily/Orchid 1
1 Tulip 2
  • According to the rank of support point, the TOP 3 Mr. Conquer and Ms. Conquer of every server will be leaded to the Intermediary Race and get a grand reward.
Rank Reward
1st Haircut Selectable Pack, 1% Blessed Weapon Accessory(B)(60 Days)*2,Most Radiant Title(360 days)
2nd 1% Blessed Weapon Accessory(B)(30 Days)*2,Most Radiant Title(360 days)
3rd 1% Blessed Weapon Accessory(B)(15 Days)*2,Most Radiant Title(360 days)
  • New Expansion Quiz
  • Spot the Differences
  • Bound Items Carnival
  • Love Across Time
  •  New CO Credit Rebate
  • Mystery Fruit Banquet
  • Dragon Lair Treasure Hunt
  • CO Vegas Spectacular
  • Siege the New Boss
  • CO Fan Art
  • Snapshot of Guild Growth
  • Might of shadow fan
  • Beyond Perfection
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