Epic Weapon Carnival

Duration: March 15th to 29th
Epic Spirit Collection
During the event, heroes can get Epic Spirit Fragment or Epic Spirit which contain tons of reward by these ways.
  1. Kill monsters in each zone to collect up to 100 Epic Spirit Fragment every day. Heroes can combine 10 Epic Spirit Fragment to Epic Spirit. Killing Deity land devils gives a bigger chance.
  2. Attack Bosses on Dragon Island and in Deity Land to collect up 5 Epic Spirit every day. Deal the last hit on Bosses to earn Epic Spirit, up to 5 in a day.
Epic Spirit
Right click to refine it and you may get a bound material for making an Epic Weapon if lucky enough.
Epic Spirit Fragment
Combine 10 Epic Spirit Fragments into an Epic Spirit which may bring you nice gifts like bound material or fragment for making an Epic Weapon.
Epic Spirit which contain tons of reward like Boundless Heart (B), Divine Panacea (B), Divine Wood (B), Life’s Eye (B), Skill Scroll (B), Star Stone, Chi Point, Stone (B) etc.
Epic Wheel
Heroes also can talk with Epic Wheel Supplier (Twin City 325,451) to purchase Epic Wheel with 5,000,000 Silver or 1 Dragon Ball.
Epic Wheel of Fortune
Roll the wheel to randomly win one from bound material for making an Epic Weapon, Twilight Star Stone*5 , 200 Chi Points, +2 Stone (B)*2, 4 Yellow Rune Essences (B), +2 Steed (B)*2, 500 Chi Points, a Bright Star Stone.

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