Clash of Guild

Duration: January 12th – February 6th
Requirement: Level 80 Guild Member
Reward: Lots of CPs, 30-days Wings of Planet
  1. Heroes can talk with Dragon Town Officer (Twin City 340,475) at 21:30 to 22:00 during the event to participate in Clash of Guild.
  1. Heroes can get score by these ways. The higher score you get, the better reward you will receive.
Score Reward
Killing a Dark Soldier
Shackle the soul of other guilds’ member
Revive your guild mate
Kill other guilds’ member
Stay in the Dragon Town when Archsaurus is killed
  1. Occupation different pillars or killing Archsaurus will give your guild different rate which will affect the reward you will get.
Killing Archsaurus and hand on Dragon Core to
Occupation Level A pillars
1.1 times
Occupation Level B pillars
1.3 times
Occupation Level C pillars
1.5 times
Note: The rate cannot be superimposed.
Killing Archsaurus brings hero a Dragon Core. When you embed the core into the Royal Pillar, you’ll get the new wings Planet.
  1. Rewards vary according to different points.
Total Server Score
Total Prize
More than 50000
10000 CPs
Between 50000 to 30001
7000 CPs
Less than 30000
5000 CPs
All heroes who participate in the event will share the prize pool according to their Guild bonus rate and personal score.
Your Final Reward=Personal Score*Guild Rate/Total Score*Guild Bonus Rate*Total Prize Poll. If your share of the prize pool is less than 30 CPs, you will get a participation pack instead.
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