11th Anniversary Credit Rebate

11th Anniversary Credit Rebate | 11th Anniversary Chi Point Rebate

Duration: May 1st - May 14th


  1. During the event, all players can participate in the event by crediting a certain amount of CPs to their accounts.
  2. You can claim the rebate by clicking "Reward" button in-game.
  3. The more you credit, the higher rebate you'll get.

Total Amount

CPs Credited



5,000 CPs

5,000 CPs

250 CPs


15,000 CPs

10,000 CPs

800 CPs


30,000 CPs

15,000 CPs

1,650 CPs

11 %

50,000 CPs

20,000 CPs

3,000 CPs


100,000 CPs

50,000 CPs

10,000 CPs


Note: Total Amount means the amount of CPs you have credited in total, and CPs Credited indicates how many CPs you should credit to get a rebate. However, the Discount is based on the CPs you have to credit to meet the requirement for each rebate, for instance, 10,000 divided by 800 equals an 8% discount.
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