Auto Level System

  • More Privileges

    As long as you credit any TQ Point Card after the Auto-hunting system is launched, you can claim a First-time Credit Gift Pack (Click the "First Credit Gifts" icon at the top middle of the screen to claim your gifts.) and gain the following benefits:

    1. Able to check the quality and bonus level of items on the ground, without having to pick them up.

    2. Will lose no EXP when PKed while auto-hunting.

    First-time Credit Gifts: (You can claim these gifts once.)

    Fortune Pack Open to receive 100,000 Silver.
    Meteor Pack Open to receive 100 Meteors (B).
    Big EXP Ball Pack Open to receive 10 EXP Balls (B).
    EXP Potion Pack Open to receive 10 EXP Potions (B),
    which enable you to gain 2x EXP from monsters killed. Lasts 1 hour.
    Super Weapon Open to receive a Super weapon (B) for your class, which is around Level 5.
    Super Armor Open to receive a Super armor (B) for your class, which is around Level 15.
    Promotion Pack Open to receive an Emerald (B), a Moon Box (B) and a Celestial Stone (B).
    Praying Stone (L) Use it to get 30 days of Heaven's Blessing.
    White +3 Steed Open to receive a +3 White Steed (B) and learn the `Riding` skill.
  • VIP Privileges

    1. All Level 3+ VIP characters are able to search for monsters by jumping, instead of running, while auto hunting.

    2. All Level 4+ VIP characters are able to pick up loot while auto-hunting(Coming soon).

  • Basic

    Every player can use the auto hunting system to gain EXP while you are at work or busy with other things.

    How to use Auto-hunt?

    1. Go to a monster filled area where you like to hunt.

    2. Click the "Auto" icon in the top-right corner of your screen to open the Auto-hunting window.

    3. Customize your preferences, like when to use potions, whether to use skills during auto-hunting, etc. After that, click "Begin" to start hunting nearby monsters.

    4. The EXP gained during auto-hunting will be added to your character when the auto-hunting is stopped.

    5. If your character gets PKed while auto-hunting, the killer will be listed on your Enemy list. If you have the Heaven's Blessing, your character will be able to revive where they died and continue hunting.