Character Transfer Page Is Available Now

Posted on : 02-26-2008Source : Official

The character transfer page of server merge has been fixed. Now you can use this page to transfer your character if you meet the following requirements (Take KingJus & Hebby as an example):

1) If you have an account and own characters on both KingJus and Hebby servers, after server merge, both KingJus and Hebby characters will be preserved. After server merge, when you log in Hebby, you will see the character of Hebby server.

2) If you want to play your KingJus character, you should first delete your Hebby character, log off and on again, you will now be able to play with your KingJus character on the Hebby server after the merge.

3) If you want to keep 2 characters, you can transfer a character from the KingJus server to the Hebby server.

Because of a page problem, character transfer was delayed for three merging servers (KingJus & Hebby, Ryee & Fury, and Bluebird & BeautyandBeast). Please submit your request in the page now, and remember: it is only available for one week.

Sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused.