Offer 1 – Thanksgiving Trees (Warm-up) – Grow the Prayer Tree to receive CP Coupons for CO Black Friday

Offer 2 – Black Friday Credit Rebate (Warm-up) – Accumulate credit amount to receive Carnival Coins for CO Black Friday

Offer 3 - CO Carnival Week – Participate in carnival events to earn Carnival Tickets for CO Black Friday and gather GRATEFUL letters to win 100,000 CPs (B)

  • Thanksgiving Trees
    Thanksgiving Trees
  • BF Credit Rebate
    BF Credit Rebate
  • CO Carnival Week
    CO Carnival Week
  • Black Friday Sale
    Black Friday Sale

Offer 1 – Treasure Mine – Explore the Mine Park that contains countless treasures

Offer 2 - Treasure Shopping Mall – Limited time discounts offline

Offer 3 – November Credit Fun – Credit TQ Point Cards in November with continuous rebates

  • Treasure Mine
    Treasure Mine
  • Treasure Shopping Mall
    Treasure Shopping Mall
  • November Credit Fun
    November Credit Fun

Offer 1 - Clash of Guild – Join fierce PVP and compete for the glory!

Offer 2 - CO Painting Contest – Paint the CO world with your friends to win wonderful rewards

Offer 3- Happy Thanksgiving Day – Brighten your Thanksgiving with various rewards

Offer 4 - CO Fashion Week – Great opportunity to win rare garments

  • Clash of Guild
    Clash of Guild
  • CO Painting Contest
    CO Painting Contest
  • Happy Thanksgiving Day
    Happy Thanksgiving Day
  • CO Fashion Week
    CO Fashion Week