Conquer Online

Ninja Resurgence

  • Epic Quest

    After retiring from Jiang Hu over ten years, the Divine Shadow appeared in the Infinite Abyss, and set trials to look for transcendent Ninjas to pass on his exclusive martial arts. Ninjas who are able to complete the trials will acquire the legendary ninja skills, and also obtain a Life's Eye. This mythical eye can be used to transform Ninja's katana into an Epic weapon. There are 3 trials in the Infinite Abyss: Yin Yang Stele, Elemental Guard, and the Wheel of Life. Completing these trials will win yourself a mythical Life's Eye, and free yourself from the mortal world. Let's look forward to it.

  • Epic Weapon

    Ninjas who complete the Divine Shadow's trials will receive a Life's Eye. With this mythical eye, they can transform Ninja's Katana into a marvelous Epic Weapon, and obtain a chance to learn legendary ninja skills.

  • Shadow Clone

    After casting the skill, Ninja summons clones to confuse the enemy. Clones move with the original and attack the enemy, inflicting decent damage. The higher the skill level is, the more clones you can sommon and the more damage you can cast.

    Cast the skill again to dismiss the clones.

  • Super Twofold Blade

    Equip 2 Katanas or Ninja's Epic Weapons to cast.

    Double hits single target within 3 spaces and inflicts great amount of normal damage, while the damage drops if the target is beyond 3 paces.

    Cost 15 Stamina.

  • Twilight Dance

    For Ninja's Epic Weapon only. Equip 2 Epic Weapons and cast 3 waves of blade cyclone in a row, inflicting great normal damage on all the targets within range.

    Cool Down: 4 seconds Doesn't cost stamina.

  • Fatal Spin

    Passive skill. Equip2 Ninja's Epic Weapons to cast.

    While attacking, the caster has a chance to slay all targets in a square, causing different damage on human targets and monsters.