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Gourmet Festival Quest Survey

Source: Official Date: Jul 27 2009 00:18:50 Views:

Dear players,

Between July 11 and July 25, the CO team provided our players with a Gourmet Festival in which they can have a little tasty fun with their friends.

Now we would like to collect the community's opinion about this quest. According to your feedback, the CO team will improve our events and provide you more fantastic quests in the future!

Many thanks for your cooperation!

1. Did you take part in the Bull-Running Festival quest?

2. How do you feel about the storyline of the quest?

3. How would you rate the rewards of the quest?

4. How do you feel about the difficulty of the quest?

5. What is your level?

6. Any other opinions for this quest?

7. What are your suggestions for CO's future quests?